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A Risk, a Rescue, and a Crazy Idea

How a chance encounter on a sketchy cliff kicked off a commitment to inspiration, exploration, and community:

A quick note: I don’t normally publish daily — and I plan to return to my normal once-weekly schedule at the end of this week.

I’m just showcasing the variety of content Cole’s Climb has to offer, while I’m on the board as a Substack Featured Writer!

Fancy Meeting You Here

I used to hike as a way to find solitude; to spend time alone with my thoughts in the wild. The encounter I recount in the video changed all that.

After I arrived home, I realized this chance-meeting had all the elements of the exact kind of thing I wanted to be writing about:

  • Sharing my own adventures

  • Telling stories from the outdoor community

  • And promoting preparedness to help others explore safely

So far, it’s been an incredible ride. Through my Trail Talk podcast, I’ve been able to discuss new ideas with vibrant, enthusiastic characters leading thrilling lives.

In my gear guides, and Base Camp news: I work to share crucial information to help readers plan ahead.

And I love retelling my own stories as well, reflecting with you on the lessons I’ve learned in the mountains.

Writing for you and fostering this budding community has been an absolute pleasure these last few months.

I’m sure there’s someone you know who would love to join us, as well. It would mean the world to me if you shared this video with them.

Share this video to help grow the responsible outdoor community!


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