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Come Explore this Forgotten Valley with Me

Grab your headphones. Take a minute to unwind and listen to the sounds of water, wind, and wildlife along one of my favorite hikes in a long time:

Sometimes when I hike, I spend hours contemplating things. My hope is that I’ll return to civilization with an inspiring story to share.

Other times, my mind wanders. I get so caught up in the natural beauty, sheer majesty, and raw power of nature; I hardly think at all. On these days, there’s only one takeaway:

Nature big. Human small.

That’s okay though. This sensation is actually the reason I love hiking so much. The scale of these peeks makes my other struggles and worries feel inconsequential.

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a pen drawing of Kelso Mountain
A quick sketch of Kelso Mountain from my vantage point

Painting a Word Picture

I try my best to get this sensation to come across when I share my stories with you. But it’s still not the same as standing there yourself; feeling the updraft along the ridge, the sun on your skin; gazing upon a view us mortals weren’t meant to see; carrying the profound feeling you’ve gotten away with something.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So at 24 frames per second, that clip above should pack in about 1.4 million.

I hope this video helps convey these feelings in a way that text sometimes can’t. If nothing else: please enjoy a relaxing minute of nature sounds, and soothing guitar played by the extremely talented Ty Ellenbogen.

He’s the same one who did the theme music for Trail Talk. Do yourself a favor and check out his music over on Spotify.

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