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Equal parts entertainment, conversations, and original reporting on issues impacting the outdoor community: this Substack feature publication offers everything you need to prepare for your next adventure — putting beautiful places within your reach.

I also enjoy digging deeper into the big issues impacting the outdoor community. Most recently: this passion has taken the form of my documentary, “The Alpine Amusement Park.”

You can watch the whole film for free on my home page, or at this link.

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Our Origin Story

I’ve been a writer for years before I thought of launching Cole’s Climb. My inspiration for starting this publication came during a trip up a popular, high-exposure trail. My friend and I found a lost hiker trapped in a precarious spot.

After getting the stranger back on the trail, we learned she had an incredible story behind why she needed to reach that peak.

This encounter became my kind of mission statement for the kind of content I deliver: adventures to inspire, resources to help you prepare, and interviews sharing the stories of fellow hikers and climbers.

I aim to push back on self-focused outdoor influencer culture, shift our perspective back onto nature, and build a better community to take care of our wild spaces.

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