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"Driven from my fickle, malfunctioning creature comforts, I thought back to the first piece I wrote on Cole’s Climb. I stood atop a mountain where you could see Denver, sprawling suburbs, and mountains at the same time.

“From here, everything from the humblest of homes to the largest mansions look indistinguishable; like tiny plastic monopoly houses crammed into meandering subdivisions. Nothing we accomplish — not even collectively — can stand toe-to-toe with nature.”

Lasting comfort — real peace — rests on unshakeable things.

Everything else is just temporary."

Exactly. So truly important to find nature where ever and when ever we can. Live big, live rich and celebrate the real.

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Jun 17, 2022Liked by Cole Noble

I also find comfort in nature when things go wrong. Getting outside, wherever I may be seems to do the trick. Breathing in the fresh air, hearing the birds chirp, and sound of crickets reminds me to take a step back and just “enjoy the ride”. I think we all gravitate towards the outdoors so much because it's connected to that care-free version of ourselves we all were once as kids, which reminds us to enjoy the simple things in life. We're naturally hard-wired to crave and need nature. It’s so easy for all of us to get caught up in the little things that go wrong and lose track of what’s important in our lives. My true comfort is found in realizing what and who I actually live for, but I usually come to that conclusion while reconnecting with myself in nature. I also agree, time for you to get a new car whenever that may be! And no AC? Uff da!

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Hmmm - maybe the universe is telling you to escape into the mountains for a while without any electronics around you. And you def need a new car!....

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