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I am the owner of Climb13ers.com. Just read your article about the decline in 14er visitations. Thought you might be interested in the following stats taken from our website: climb13ers.com.

2018 calendar year total users: 64,855

2019 calendar year total users: 72,401

2020 calendar year total users: 78,334

2021 calendar year total users: 68,877

2022 users to date: 59,410 this is within 1% of where we were in 2021 at this same time.

The decline seems to parallel what you're seeing on 14ers, however, these are only site use statistics and may or may not reflect actual climbers on 13ers. Nevertheless, the decline of over 9,000 users is significant. You may also want to contact Bill Middlebrook at 14ers.com to see if he has similar stats.

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