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Acclimation, Ultra-Marathons, and Long-Term Goals with Ethan McNaghten

Acclimation, Ultra-Marathons, and Long-Term Goals with Ethan McNaghten

Insight into choosing, planning for, and attaining difficult achievements.

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During these interview podcast posts, I share stories from other members of the outdoor community. Range from wild adventures, to survival skills, conservation, and current events.

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EP 03: Ethan McNaghten, Ultra-Marathon Runner

In this installment, I’m bringing you to the shores of a remote alpine lake at the end of a long mountain valley. I wrote about the trek in, and shared more pictures during my previous post — Hiking Through the Seasons — if you want to read about that trip in greater detail.

To get a better feel: I also put together this gorgeous time-lapse

Ethan McNaghten has been living in Colorado for a few short months; about the same amount of time he’s been seriously running.

In that period, he managed to acclimate to the high altitude, build up endurance, and — perhaps most importantly — hone the mental fortitude needed to stay focused on the task.

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Our discussion about his 60k race covered quite a bit of ground. These are some of the moments that stood out to me:

Show notes

1:00 — Eagle vs. fish
2:00 — Why?
2:45 — The training process
4:45 — Weather dangers while training for long races
6:50 — The energy at the starting line
9:00 — Occupying your mind, raging against boredom
10:30 — Hiking through the seasons
13:45 — “All of a sudden” running 16 miles
16:00 — Setting your own goals, not someone else’s
18:10 — Race day: the highs and lows
21:30 — Pushing through the brutal moments
22:20 — Why you don’t run the race, before you run the race
22:45 — Pickle Juice?!?
25:45 — Keeping your focus through boredom
27:00 — The weather politely asks us to leave
27:30 — Try it, you might like it
28:30 — Picking your first race

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Enjoying the Journey

If you only get one takeaway from this interview, it’s that the destination can’t be the only pleasure you derive from an experience, for a couple reasons.

  • Important goals take time to accomplish

  • You’ll burn out if you’re not enjoying yourself along the way.

  • Focusing solely on the destination puts too much pressure on that final step you take to get there.

Ethan shared this with me: one of the most beautiful views of the race.

puffy clouds at the summit
The sun breaks over the course

It’s a good reminder to look for enjoyment along the way; you might be surprised by what you find.

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