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Thru-Hiking, Trail Building, and Life on the Mountain, with Taylor Radigan

Thru-Hiking, Trail Building, and Life on the Mountain, with Taylor Radigan

This week, I'm chatting with an accomplished thru-hiker from back East about her adventures, and how she's giving back to the outdoor community.

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EP 02: Taylor Radigan, CFI Trail Crew

Welcome to the second episode of Trail Talk. This week, I’m taking you to base camp beneath the towering Grays and Torreys peaks. The leaves are golden. The autumn air is crisp.

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I’m sitting down with trail crew member Taylor Radigan, a hiker with an impressive resume of thru-hikes, treks, and backcountry stories.

Scroll down for some key interview notes:

golden trees line the road up Steven's Gulch. Rays of sunlight filter in through the dust clouds
Traveling the bumpy mountain road to base camp

Interview Notes

2:20 - Getting Interested in Long Thru-Hikes
5:00 - On the Trail when bad Weather Comes
10:00 - The Next Steps for Grays and Torreys
13:30 - A Day in the Life Without Technology on the Trail
16:00 - Returning to Civilization
17:30 - Giving Back to the Great Outdoors
19:00 - Fun Hikes to cut Your Teeth on Back East
20:00 - Working Your way up to a Thru-Hike

About Taylor

You can follow Taylor’s adventures at Get There From Anywhere, where she shares trail journals, gear reviews, photos, and educational articles to help you prepare for your hikes.

My favorite is her backpacking menu guide, which helps ensure you’re getting enough calories on your trek.

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