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Opening day at Eldora: Everything You Need to Know

Opening day at Eldora: Everything You Need to Know

If you're reading this, I'm already on the road. This podcast and post have everything you'll want to know to prep, pack, and rock up to the mountain for a great start of the season.

Welcome to a Special Edition of Trail Talk

This brief podcast features everything you need to know for Eldora’s opening day, including what the weather looks like, to which trails will be open.

Throw your board and boots in the car, press play, and let’s get going!

Eldora Ski Area Opening Day

Quick Forecast:

Expect dry and windy conditions. But winds will be strong, with gusts up to 50 mph in the morning. 1-3 inches of snow is possible Saturday.

Opening Day Runs:

Lift: Alpenglow
Horn Blower —> International
1Windmill —> International (maybe?)

No beginner terrain — intermediate only!

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“Put on your Safety Heads”

Sam advises everyone exercise caution when returning to the mountain. Due to early season conditions, you should expect the opening runs will naturally be a bit more crowded.

  • Brush up on the skier code

  • Take it slow

  • Remember: you’re not the same rider you were last season. It’ll take a while for you to re-gain your strength and control

    a bluebird day at Eldora
    The Alpenglow Lift at Eldora

Key Policy Changes for 2021-2022

A few things may have changed since your last visit. These are the updates Eldora has provided:

  • Masks are no longer required in lift lines, on the chair, or in any outdoor spaces

  • Spaced chair loading will no longer be required

  • Strict capacity limits have been removed from lodges

  • Boulder’s rules do require indoor masking

  • No more parking reservations

  • Shuttles return: starting November 20th, free shuttles will run from the Boulder County Justice Center to the Mountain on weekends and holidays.

  • Free round-trip RTD bus tickets: available to guests without bus passes, starting December 18th.

  • SOV fees: also starting December 18th, single occupant vehicles will be charged a $10 fee on weekends, and select Holiday weekdays

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That’s about it! Have a great time out there. Enjoy yourself, and be safe!

Also a big thanks to Chris Tomer, who was kind enough to provide the forecast info, for anyone heading up to Eldora.

Weather apps just aren’t as accurate — there’s nothing quite like getting the information directly from someone well-versed in mountain weather.

If you head up into the mountains often, I definitely recommend following his blog to stay one step ahead of mountain storms.


When Sam and I spoke yesterday afternoon, he mentioned this run might open, depending on overnight snowmaking conditions. Cross your fingers!

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